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Qoya Remembrance Workshop

“You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you.” - Isadora Duncan

Through movement we remember. We remember as Women that our essence is wise, wild and free. Remembering to come back to our innate body wisdom; deepen the relationship with feelings in the body and support activation of intuitive powers. To trust our internal authority. To notice physical sensations as truth. This is an opportunity to experiment with movement as medicine. Practicing awareness of our life cycles and all others we can choose to honor and embrace our lives in its Wholeness. Seeds to fruit to seeds again, new moon to the full moon back to new, birth to death to rebirth and on and on it goes.

The Workshop will include:
Qoya Class
Intro to crystal grid making (crystals included!!)

Crystal grids are created to direct energy towards a desired outcome. The stones & shape of the grid will vary based on the intentions set. Our grid will help facilitate a feeling of love & safety, connecting us back to remembrance of the interconnectedness to the cosmic womb of creative universal Love: Mother.

A Mother's day gathering of remembering.

No yoga or dance or crystal grid experience necessary.

Come as you are, leave as even more of who you are.
Refunds are given as studio credit. No refunds within 24 hours of event, except in extenuating circumstances.
We do not prorate series classes.

To cancel this reservation or to reserve for additional students, please contact us at or call 916-837-5400.

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6:30 PM18:30

Sound Bath Experience

Dana is back to offer another incredible healing experience of sound to calm, support, and release stress, bringing body and mind to a harmonic state.

Dana will create a sacred space for you to be present and to feel the effects of sound physically, mentally and emotionally.

With the use of crystal bowls, flutes, chimes, bells, guitars and other instruments, embark on a journey through guided yin yoga postures.

You are welcome to bring blankets, pillows, eye masks. Dress comfortably. We hope that you feel the magical powers of sound vibrations. See you soon and thank you!

$20 for members

$25 for non-members

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6:30 PM18:30

Sound Bath

Come soak in the healing vibration of sound. This class is gently guided and you will have an opportunity to move your body with the sound or rest on your mat and cushions. Enjoy healing through the sound of bowls, drums, chimes, shakers and more. This class is an invitation to be in the present moment and give your body and mind exactly what it needs.

Dana will replicate the ancient sounds that awaken physical and energetic bodies to release stress and other "stuck" energy. These sound healing techniques have been used for over 5000 years and are renown for calming and/or energizing our senses.

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4:00 PM16:00


Our in house community drumming group INTI-QUILLA will be hosting a donation based drum circle monthly with weather permitting at the amphitheater in William Land Park, in Sacramento, Ca. All are welcome on experience necessary. Bring your instruments, we have some to share. Suggested Donations $10 greatly appreciated, offer what you can.

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Qoya Gathering: Receiving
2:00 PM14:00

Qoya Gathering: Receiving

We gather as we are, to remember the gifts that we can receive from life itself.  Taking some time to honor ones truth and willingness to receive is so powerful. As women mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends we tend to be nurturing by nature and it is important to also receive.  That can be physical gifts, or energetic and emotional recognition that can be received from others but most importantly oneself.  This Gathering we will dance with the theme of RECEIVING.   By feeling the sensations of this theme  in ones physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.  Movement is medicine for our beings and when we take the time to recognize our bodies and listen to their wisdom we have opportunities to learn more about our selves and how are are able to receive all that life has to offer.  Qoya is a movement practice created with Thy Nature in mind.  You are uniquely you and we will celebrate it!  I am honored to hold this sacred space for us to gather in circle and remember together.   No prior experience necessary. 

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Drum Workshop
6:00 PM18:00

Drum Workshop

This is the write up from THE GOOD EARTH MOVEMENT, Placerville, CA:

We are pleased to announced the Inti-Quilla Drum Tribe is coming to Placerville

Join us!! This is an invitation to gather in intimate circle in community to access and feel the innate natural connection between humankind & sound with our bodies and instruments. 

No experience necessary. Instruments provided. More are welcome.

Dana Marie and Victor are the most incredible heart felt dynamic duo. These beautiful souls travel the world and share there deepest passions empowering the beat of the drum, connecting the communities and cultures through rhythms of the soul. 

$15- 25 sliding scale

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